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George Laszlo

082 456 1392

I am a personal wellness coach and an Independent Herbalife distributor who changed many people's lives. I can guide you on the road to achieve your ultimate wellness result. Weather you looking to improve your sports performance, enjoy more energy or wanting to shape up, loss or gain some weight, I can help you!!

The wellness industry has exploped over the last 20 years! Being a member of the no 1 Health and Nutrition Company in the world, is setting the pace for everyone else to follow!

Are YOU READY to get serious about your health? Are you ready to loose some weight, learn how to keep it off FOR GOOD, and have FUN at the same time? read more

Peter van Schaardenburgh

083 655 3598

I am an Independent Herbalife Distributor and a personal Wellness and Health Coach.

During my Herbalife journey I have assisted many people in improving their lifestyle, reducing, maintaining or gaining weight and improving their energy levels.

I can assist you as well on the road of achieving your ultimate wellness result. You'll be amazed at how simple it can be to shape up & feel great by making a few daily changes!

Take advantage of what the no 1 Health and Nutrition Company in the world has to offer you in terms of a healthier lifestyle! Together we'll work out what you can do to improve your energy, weight management and overall health & wellness!

Contact me today and schedule your free Wellness Evaluation.